I had planned to close down C4K but working on some donations, I realized that I truly love doing this so I figured out a better way to balance my life.

I’ve decided that we will no longer be accepting sports cards as donations. For 12 year, 90% of what we got donated were sports cards- getting tens of thousands a week. Not only did I just not have time to handle that much, I realized that kids weren’t really that excited to receive them.

Kids ask for Pokemon cards and toys and, after talking to many of the charities we work with, we realized that kids just aren’t that into sports cards these days- this gave me away to reorg C4K into a charity that I can continue to run.

By removing sports cards- this relieves a lot of the stress from getting so many cards that I can’t find homes for- it allows me to limit the amount of time I focus on C4K while lowing the number of donations we make each year- this will save on supplies and gas.

We have already been donation tons of items besides sports cards so we plan to continue that.

You can check our DONATE page for a list of accept items!

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