I am going to try to use this spot to answer some of the questions we get most frequently- these answers are valid as of 06.04.2016. I’m doing this to answer some questions we get all the time but to clear up some policy issues to be sure we are all on the same page and we are as transparent as can be.

1.Are We an “official” 501(c) organization- charity, nonprofit, tax form provider?

ANSWER – NO- we are not an official charity. I’m a guy that donated his common trading cards about 8 years ago and it made it to the local paper, which was picked up by the AP and went nationwide and people starting sending me their cards. We do not provide any tax form and we do not claim any cards given on our taxes- we simply take the cards that people no longer want and get them to kids who may enjoy them. Please consider the cards you send as a personal gift to me with my word that they will get to kids- if my word isn’t good enough- I 100% understand that and suggest doing a basic Google search for children’s homes, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Little Leagues or even Big Brothers/Big Sisters in your area that you can donate to directly. This will also provide you with a tax form and save on shipping.

2. Do you keep or sell anything donated?

ANSWER – NO – we don’t keep anything and, up until now, we sold very little- however, after doing this for so long- we get some things that just aren’t kid friendly and I retain the right to determine what I consider kid friendly or even available for donations. We have gotten everything from Playboy cards to XXX porn cards to comic books with a lot of nudity to violent games/movies rated MATURE or R and we will not be donating those to children. Those will be sold through our social media or our Ebay with 100% of the money going back into C4K. I also retain the right to sell any item that may be consider “kid friendly” but still unable to donate- this includes things like Magic cards or MMA cards. 99% of the agencies we work with are religious based and will not accept Magic cards- we are currently learning this. We also donate to a lot of children’s homes and while kids may enjoy MMA; I don’t want to give those types of cards to kids who may have been abused- that is a personal choice. You are not required to donate your cards to us if you don’t agree with this. Some cards may be sold to help fund things like gas, supplies, car maintenance, etc. We don’t accept cash donations but some funding is needed.

3. What type of cards do you accept?

ANSWER – we accept EVERYTHING at this point- all cards (commons, memorabilia, autographed, new and old) and comics- kid friendly or not. We have had people donate video games, movies, books, memorabilia, Legos, toys and just about anything else you can think of- we accept everything at this point. What we can donate will go directly to kids, items that aren’t kid friendly will be sold with 100% of the money going back into C4K. If we have items that can’t be donated to kids or sold- they will either go to our local Goodwill or a local “Pay It Forward” group as a last resort. With the amount of things we currently get, I can’t afford to store items.

4. Who pays for C4K?

ANSWER – we prefer to not accept cash and we don’t ask for cash- however, there have been times that we’ve gotten envelopes with money to help us out and we appreciate that. We do sometimes set up GoFundMe’s for special events like projects around Christmas time or if we have a special request or to fill “holes” like Pokemon cards- those are the most requested yet least donated. I personally pay for the website (and update it) as well as our social media, the C4K name, any logos, commercials and the gas to deliver most of the cards in our local area and as far as Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Cincinnati- the gas money and hotel stays for those long trip donations comes directly out of my pocket. I also continue to buy new cards or cards that we don’t get donated often in order to make “box opening” videos with the cards going to future donations- a great way to promote C4K. We rarely get money donated so 99% of the expenses come directly from me- that is my way of donating to charity. I donated to charities in the past but wasn’t sure how my money was being used- this way I am in full control of where my money goes and how we use it. Some funding may come from selling a small percent of cards donated to us.

5. How should you ship the cards?

ANSWER – the best way is with USPS Large Flat Rate boxes- they hold roughly 5,000 cards and cost around $20 to ship- these are preferred because it’s also an easy way to store and deliver the cards- the boxes don’t go directly to recycling but get reused by us. Using these boxes also helps with storing them when we have a large inventory and it’s easier to keep track. Please do NOT overfill these boxes because the USPS is NOT friendly with them- they get thrown and beat up- which is fine if they aren’t overfilled. The cards are usually in good shape, however, if the box is so full that it’s almost round- the boxes bust open and cards get damaged. I understand shipping isn’t cheap so you want to pack as many cards into one box as you can but it’s a waste of money if I have to trash those cards once they get to me. If shipping is an issue, try to Google local places in your area to donate the cards.

The address is
500 Forrest Dr
Lawrenceburg, KY 40342

6. Do we pay for shipping?

ANSWER – at this point we get about 10-15 boxes per week and there is no way I could personally afford to pay for the shipping costs- I wish I could be it’s just not possible. I understand shipping isn’t cheap so you want to pack as many cards into one box as you can but it’s a waste of money if I have to trash those cards once they get to me. If shipping is an issue, try to Google local places in your area to donate the cards.

7. Why are you adverting other businesses?

ANSWER – from time to time we have request for cards in other states (even other countries) that we just can’t deliver too and I can’t afford to ship them so we look for “sponsors” who pay the exact shipping, through PayPal (no money is made) and, in return, we promote their business. You could call it selling out- I call it getting cards to kids we can’t reach. I do retain the approval of any business we are asked to promote. I’m not going to promote a strip club or something like that.

8. Do you have drop off spots in other states?

ANSWER – NO – we tried that but it took the transparency out of my hands and I wasn’t comfortable having people send their cards to people I didn’t know, in other states, and trusting that they would be on the “up and up”- sadly I had to stop having affiliates in other states because I didn’t feel like I had control of what was actually going on.

9. What donations are acceptable?

ANSWER- We started out donating trading cards- commons- to kids who may not be apply to afford cards and to help expand the hobby that we love so much.

Then the #C4KYFamily starting sending “good” cards…then memorabilia cards, autograph cards…then bats and jerseys and ALL types of trading cards.

When we got some Legos, then some blu rays, video games, Pop figures, toys, comics…

….now…we basically get EVERYTHING kids would enjoy.

So- here is a quick list of the stuff we accept (if you have questions about something, just message our social media)

TRADING CARDS – all trading cards, not just sports! We even accept “adult” cards like Playboy- we can sell those on Ebay in order to buy more kid friendly cards. This also includes memorabilia and autograph cards.

GAMING CARDS – Pokemon cards are a huge request but we also except other gaming cards- even Magic. While many of the charities we work with do not want Magic cards, we do have an outlet to donate them OR sell them in order to buy the much more requested Pokemon cards.

WRESTLING CARDS – we work with local wrestler, Jason Saint, to get these type of cards to kids that go to local wrestling shows. (This includes wrestling figures)

COMIC BOOKS – we have two amazing entertainers/cosplayers, Billy Crank and Taylor Lake, that helps us get comic books to comic cons. This is also a great outlet for “comic cards” like Marvel and DC.

VIDEO GAMES – we have gotten video games and even gaming systems- these are a bit harder to donate but we have worked with libraries and children’s homes in order to find these a home.

TOYS – this includes all toys- unopened is best because most children’s homes/hospitals can’t take opened toys but we do have an outlet for “slightly used” toys. We work with local Pay It Forward groups to get these donated. We’ve gotten everything from action figures to Legos.

MOVIES – DVD/BLU RAYS – we have received these before, just remember that movies that aren’t “kid friendly” may be sold or donated to libraries. Yes, we did get Scarface donated once.

POP FIGURES – these is the new crazy and you can find great sales on these, clearance, and kids love them. We haven’t gotten many of them donated but the few we did get blew the minds of some kids.

BOOKS – this is another “hit and miss” category- they are great for children’s homes and hospitals but they need to be in tip top shape.


DESTROYED ITEMS – yes, we get some cards that are literally destroyed; we don’t required mint cards but if you send us a bunch of cards that are destroyed or stuck together, they will probably go in the trash.

CASES – we currently started working with Ultra-Pro International to supply us (and kids) with new cases, etc. A lot of times, we get a box of cases that are yellowed, taped or just not in good shape- just trash those and save your shipping money.

Basically- just don’t sent us stuff that isn’t in good shape- we want to donate things to kids but not just give them “trash”- I know that sounds a bit harsh but, believe me, we have gotten some insane stuff.


MORE QUESTIONS will be added as I think of them or get asked so check this section frequently.