Why Does C4K Work?

We don’t pay for advertising, so all of our growth has come straight from the #C4KFamily- through word of mouth, sharing our social media and folks just talking about us…but how can that work so well for a guy asking you to send him free stuff?

There are tons of us folks in our 30s/40s that had a plan as a child- invest all of our allowance into trading cards and 3 decades later- sell them to be millionaires- very simple really. I mean, some Mickey Mantle cards from the 50’s were were thousands in the 80s/90s…so these 1987 Topps should be worth a ton around 2017.

Are you done laughing…no…OK…I’ll wait.

Done? OK good. Yea, we now know that the folks like Topps, Fleer and Donruss understood that kids thought that so they mass produced the crap out of them and now so many of us are left with cards that are literally worthless. Almost everything has a “worth” but most cards from the 80s and 90s have no worth- I mean- nothing.

Now, if you are a collector like me- those cards represent your childhood and hold value to you- sure, you can’t sell them but most of us don’t want to just trash them- just the thought is heart breaking.

While I talk about the 1989 Upper Deck Griffey Jr card are a lot of cards that still hit me right in the feels.

I was a huge Bobby Bonilla fan (and still am) back in 1989 and I can still remember pulling a fresh Bonilla DK from a Donruss pack or a Chris Sabo All Star Rookie from a pack of Topps. Let’s not even talk about that Dream Team set that Kmart had! My cousin and I would set for hours and make our own Dream Team for hours.

Wrong Dream Team but still a great Dream Team!

Wrong Dream Team but still a great Dream Team!


After going through almost 10 million cards over the last 8 years, I still pause when I see some of those cards and get that same feeling- they are amazing!

Now- add in all the “new” guys who buy cards in bulk and don’t want 100 of the same common card and with the ease of getting the exact card you want, there isn’t much of a market for bulk cards that no one wants. Then you throw in the awesome guys from the gaming community who don’t want 15 copies of an unplayable Pikachu.

Not only is there millions of cards out there that no one really wants- the companies keep making cards that no one really wants but people buy just to try their luck to get those few cards that everyone does want…and all that leaves millions of cards looking for homes and that is where we come in.

There are SO many kids out there that just don’t understand trading cards or just can’t afford them or kids that want to learn Magic or Pokemon but don’t really know where to start.

C4K works because I continue to buy cards to get a few I want and end up with hundreds that I don’t want…and then you multiple that by the thousands of others like me out there. C4K works because of the people that no longer collect but can’t just trash their childhood treasures. C4K works because of the amazing folks that send us NEW stuff and stuff that isn’t considered “common” in order to get the “cool stuff” to kids who may not be able to get it themselves.

C4K works because of the #C4KFamily…I mean, sure, I would have been doing this on my own and we would probably be at about 500,000 cards donated by me…but you folks stepped up and supported C4K and we are looking at hitting 10 million next year…

…I honestly can’t say it enough- this ALL works because of YOU guys. Every card, share, follow, like or just sharing us with someone else.

So, I try to say it a lot but a HUGE thanks to all of you for making all of this work.


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