Closer to 15 million!

Over the last two weeks we’ve donated cards to Sunrise Center (Frankfort, KY), Sunrise Children’s Home (Mt Washington, KY), KY Pay It Forward (Lawrenceburg, KY), Kentucky Youth Career Center (Louisville, KY) and Pass Along (Lexington, KY) for a total of 250,000 trading cards donated to agencies in the last two weeks.
On top of that there were toys, troll dolls, comic books and just tons of random stuff.
New total donated comes to 14,745,250!!!
We are so damn close to 15 million and I’m pretty sure I have enough to get us there ready to go…just gotta find a place to donate to.
With that said, we will need a 1989 Upper Deck Griffey Jr Star Rookie as that is always our “millionth” card….we’ve donated 15 so far so this will be our 16th. (Donated 2 when we hit 1 million)
When I first started I could get them for $25 and now they have blown up to around $75-$100!
If anyone wants to donate one for some free publicity on our social media and have the honor of donating out 15 millionth card- let me know. if I don’t hear something in a week or so, I’ll hope on Ebay and just buy one…not breaking that tradition.
That card is one of the main reason we’ve been able to do this…not stopping now.
Thanks again for everyone who has supported us over the last 9 years…we have a few months until we hit our 10th anniversary and we will be past that 15 million mark by that…which averages out to over 1.5 million cards to kids per year!
What the hell is life? #C4KFamily


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