New Update!

I just realized that I haven’t updated here for over a year and I am SOOO sorry for that; we post a few times each month on our social media because it’s easier than updating here on the actual website.

So- the last year…am I right???

Covid hit pretty hard and we took several months off from donating but as things settled a bit, I set up a “no contact/curbside” donating and contacted people that could come to me and pick up cards. I would set boxes outside our garage and they would pick them up.

It’s a bit harder because we don’t get pictures of where we donate and we have to do more work verifying that folks actually work with the charities they say they do but it’s been workable.

Over the last month or so, we’ve started doing donations in person again…basically we set up the donations and then leave the boxes outside the charity and they get them once we are gone- the pandemic is still going strong and I’m still fat, old and have sleep apnea and other issues so I’m high risk but I am fully vaccinated now so I’m happy about that.

Last week, we donated 250,000 cards and got us close to 14.5 million cards donated.

I still have several hundred thousand that I’m working on getting out- Covid slowed us down and since folks were home more, they decided to clean out closets and attics which was a bad combination for us.

We are getting back into routine though and hopefully will get back to that 2 week turn around so cards come in and go out pretty quick.

Hope everyone is staying safe and thanks again for all the support- we are getting so close to 15 million cards to kids and about 10 years and I don’t even know what to think about that honestly….like…..WTF???

I can’t thank you folks enough.


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