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As a kid, I was into two things- trading cards and video games.

As an adult, I’m into two things- trading cards and video games.

Some of us never grow up and we find a way to take what we loved as kids and continue to love and cherish them as adults- you don’t have to leave those things behind and that is even more clear these days- being nerdy is cool.

It was NOT cool when I was a kid…but I continued being who I was.

I started Commons4Kids to get trading cards to kids around 2012 and we’ve done just that…however, I want to figure out a way to do more than just that.

We made a donation once, around Christmas time, and we had raised $200 and we donated the cards and the money and the org that we donated too was extremely thankful but the guy who ran it said something that I’ve never forgotten- “the kids love the cards but they can’t eat them, so the money really helps.”

I donate trading cards but is that really “helping”- yes, I know it’s doing something to help but I could do so much more.

I found a cool site called ExtraLive.og – it’s a site where you sign up and then play video games, do contests or 24 hour marathons to raise money for local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and I think that is the direction I want to take C4K.

Yes- we will still donate trading cards…but charities need money as well and what better way to get it (since I’m broke) than to play video games!

I do writing, photography, art and tons of other stuff as “Sharky Hitchens”…that is who I am…but #C4KGaming is my team.

I am just a member of #C4KGaming like I’m just a member of the #C4KFamily. Everything I do is under Sharky Hitchens and I’ll be tagging my gaming stuff with #C4KGaming. You can find me on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch all under that name. You can find my little gaming blog HERE!

I know I want to focus more on C4K and charity stuff as well as doing stuff that makes me happy and expand C4K PLUS it gives me a chance to give “shout outs” to folks who send stuff that goes above and beyond “common” so it’s killing an entire family of birds with one stone.

It’s a no-brainer and very little investment on my part- besides my time. I’ve already got all the gaming stuff because I’ve played video games since I was a wee lad so why not go for it.

#C4KGaming is a part of Commons4Kids.org but it’s just another way for me to try to make the world around me a little better by doing the things that I love and, in turn, my MY world better.

Love, Peace and #C4KGaming

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