Update 08.21.2019

Things may slow down just a bit because our middle schooler is now in the HIGH school marching band and they have shows most weekends but I’m hoping that I can line up donations to take with us when we have to travel to different areas so that could be a plus- we’ll just have to see.

I held off on updating the number after our last donation because I had some stuff working but those fell through.

So last weekend we donated 40,000 cards to the Wanda Joy Robinson Foundation which brings our total to 10,640,250 trading cards donated to kids. The donation include some autographed stuff, relics and several complete sets!

I was hoping to set up something this weekend but one we go the itinerary for Saturday, we just won’t have time to make it happen. I’m going to work really hard on setting up donations on practice Saturdays and make this work.

I want to send a big shout out to the guys over at Kidority Kards- they are overwhelmed with donations so they have redirected some of their stuff to us and it’s greatly appreciated!

Another HUGE shout-out to the great folks over at Card N All Gaming in Louisville, KY- thanks to them we have had Pokemon packs to hand out recently and we have a $200 store credit there currently so we should be able to get a ton of unopened stuff for upcoming Christmas donations.

Finally- we have more Pokemon cards on the way from Spectypoo [Webaround Gaming] over on Instagram/Twitter/Twitch so check him out as well!!

Lots of big things going on right now and we are about to hit a really busy time of the year for us- if I step up a bit, we could hit 11 million before 2020!!!

And…of course…huge thanks to everyone in the #C4KFamily for keeping us going strong for 8 years now!

I do see a lot of folks popping up doing what we do and it’s cool- but always remember- no one represents us- if it’s not our OFFICIAL Facebook, Twitter or website- it’s not us.


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