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If you follow us on social media, you will see that I was a lot more active over the weekend and I’m hoping to keep that up. I usually work on cards most days so there is no reason why I can’t post a few pictures of cool stuff I come across in order to keep everything active and “relevant”.

I also enjoy writing- about a little of everything- so I’ve decided to write more about the hobby that I love…and YES…I do love it. Its put me in debt and consumed most of my life but it’s not just a hobby- it’s a form of relaxation and stress relieve for me.

SO- let’s get this out of the way- I do still collect trading cards.

The way it’s been worded in the past is that I donated my entire collection and that is not the case- I donated all of my commons/non-personal collection cards.

I donated those about 8 years ago because there was no market to sell them and I didn’t have time to try- I just wanted them out of my closet. That small project to donate my commons has led to an 8 year journey of donating 10.6 million cards and gives me a permeant way to unload cards I don’t want. I don’t have to ship my cards to donate- I just take them down to C4K headquarters. (AKA- my basement.)

I still buy WAY too many cards but I have a way to handle all the stuff I don’t want to keep- straight into C4K. I still collect ALL Reds- along with Griffey Jr, Bobby Bonilla, Shaq, Steelers players and a lot of non-sports cards but when you buy a box- you get tons of stuff you don’t want for your collection. This allows me to always have new stuff to mix in with the older stuff we get. This also allows me to buy collection from yard sales and flea markets and have a way to unload all the unwanted cardboard.

I do collect some new players as well but there is nothing better than cards from the 80s and 90s and that is a reason I’ve done C4K for so long.

YES- I already have complete sets of most of the stuff that came out in the late 80s and early 90s but I still get that “feeling” when I’m going through a box and see a Chris Sabo 89 Donruss Diamond King or a Barry Larkin 87 Topps rookie- these cards have little to no value and I have them in my collection but that doesn’t keep me from feeling the nostalgia.

For me- this hobby isn’t about making money, it’s about enjoying life and doing something you love.

From time to time- I dip into my collection and sell some of my better cards in order to help support C4K- but, for the most part, it has very little to do about money and EVERYTHING to do with the hobby itself.

Little pieces of carboard brought me so much joy as a kid and seeing those cards still brings me joy- I have probably donated thousands and thousands of 1989 Topps and not a single card has a value of more than $1- if that- but every time I grab a stack and run across a Sabo Topps All Start Rookie or Gregg Jeffries Future Star- all of that happiness comes back. Sure- I have both of those cards in my collection but I get to “re-discover” them all the time….I’m not specifically going to look at them but I’m sorting through cards and BOOM…there they are and you just get that rush- the same rush as opening a pack back in 1989…happy 11 year old me and I love that feeling!

Some people don’t understand what I get out of C4K and “THAT” is what I get. Sure, I love being charitable and seeing kid’s faces or having them thank me but it really is a selfish project- to keep reliving those moments is well worth all the debt.

Thanks for all the support; it’s greatly appreciated.

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