C4K Update 04.08.2019

I plan to work on our “FAQs” section that has been “coming soon” for about a year and it will include the questions I get the most, along with some of our policies (which WILL include changes)- I’ll post the link to social media once I get it completed.

We are currently 166,867 cards away from hitting the #10Million mark and we have that in stock right now. We have enough cards setting in our garage to pass the 10 million mark but it’s getting harder and harder to find homes for them but I’m still trying and we will get there.

If I time everything right- I plan to hit that mark on July 20th.

If you follow me on SharkyHitchens then you know July 20th is a pretty big day for me- my mom passed away on that date last year so I’ve decided to start celebrating life on that day- from this point forward.

This year, July 20th is going to be a celebration at Kings Island and I’m going to ride my first roller coaster ever. I’m down 140 lbs and I hope to hit my overall goal of 200 lbs lost by that date as well.

July 20th, 2019 will be one year since my mom passed away, my first roller coaster ride, hopefully I’ll be 200 lbs smaller than I was, I plan to get a new tattoo and we’ll be donating our 10 millionth card.

That isn’t all factual though- I had a gorgeous- PERFECT- 1989 Upper Deck Griffey Jr Star Rookie- (which we donate as our “millionth” card every time we hit another one)- set aside to be the 10 millionth card but I no longer have it.

My mom (and that card) was a huge inspiration for Commons4Kids and the full story is on our website- she also greatly supported it and was there when we hit our first 1 million- oxygen tank and all.

The actual 10 millionth card was buried with her- while it didn’t go to a kid, I felt it needed to be that way. I thought of putting the “actual” card from my childhood- the dirty, creased, destroyed (and framed) one but I thought this a better way to do it. The actual card is framed in my C4K area and will be burned, with me, when I die.

On July 20th, 2019- we’ll donate the final cards that get us to 9,999,999 and the next donation will start us out at 10,000,001.

So- that is just a quick update of where we are and where we are going.

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