C4K Update 03.11.2019

Hey #C4Kfamily…remember me??? Fat guy, throws cardboard at un-expecting children??

I know..been awhile. The last time I updated our number as back on February 3rd and then we donated 50,000 to Crayons 2 Computers on February 16th but I didn’t update the number and then just sort of fell off the planet.

Well…in all honesty, I needed a break- been doing this almost 8 years now and I needed to focus on some stuff.

I’ve been updating my personal site- SharkysWorld.com tons- adding weight loss updates, recipes and whatever else I can think of. I hit 299 lbs back on March 2nd (total loss of 140.6 lbs) and then celebrated my 41st birthday on March 3rd by getting pretty sick and being “out” for about a week.

Recently I added a big section to SharkysWorld.com called “Sharketo 101”- it’s basically the blue print of how I lost the weight and how I plan to continue to lose the last 59 lbs and it’s a way to help those interested in losing weight and getting healthy.

I’ve also been focused on making YouTube videos, streaming video games on Wednesday night and growing my SharkyHitchens empire.

NOW though…it’s back to the real work- hitting that 10 million cards donated!!!

With the 50,000 from C2C added, we are at 9,708,133 trading cards donated to kids. This does NOT include all the comic books, toys, Legos, Starting Lineup, bats, jerseys or anything else…just trading cards.

I currently have about 100,000-150,000 boxed up and ready for new homes.

I am incorporating C4K into what I’m doing with other stuff more – including promoting it on YouTube and my Twitch streams and I’m trying to build something that changes the world for the better from donating trading cards to helping people get healthy to showing old folks like me that it’s never too late to make positive changes or enjoy doing what you love- even if you are really bad at it.

In closing- feel free to check out SharkysWorld.com and follow/like me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under SharkyHitchens.

I don’t plan to take anymore time off from C4K- plan to hit the ground running and getting everything I have ready donated and hitting that 10 million sometime this Spring/Summer.

Thanks or all the support on everything!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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