Important Notice 01.11.2019

I didn’t want to write this but based on some emails/messages I’ve gotten, I feel I need to clear up some things.

I have been running C4K since 2012 and over the years, a few other groups have popped up doing the same thing or something similar.

The ONLY way to contact us is through our social media sites that are officially “Commons4Kids”- our website- or through email-

I run everything MYSELF so that I can ensure 100% of the cards get to kids- there is no one else or any other group that represents C4K.

I mean no disrespect to anyone trying to get cards to kids as well, however, I’ve seen sites that ask for cards to be donated and then turn around and sell them…or sell mystery packs or something. We do not and will not sell ANY cards we received unless they are adult oriented (Playboy, etc.) and that money goes to buy more kid friendly cards.

We get autographs/jersey cards all the time and will never try to sell “hot packs” or anything like that to “cover shipping”- that isn’t how we work.

Not only do we not charge for ANY cards we donate, putting up packs for sale “to kids” allows collectors and adults tp buy those cards and doesn’t ensure they actually go to kids. We either donated cards directly to the kids or agencies that work with kids to ensure they get where we say they will go. We have had people try to buy the cards we feature on our site/social media and that will NEVER happen. Period.

If you find a site/person/group that is charging for “donated” cards- they are not affiliated with us. They may be great people and on the “up and up” but they are not associated with C4K- again, no disrespect, just some confusion out there with some folks doing what we are doing.

If we get a card with a value of $200…it will go to a kid- FREE of charge…no catches.

We have done this since 2012 and most of the material is bought out of my pocket, most of the gas or hotel room stays from delivering cards has come from my pocket. We have had a few people over the last 7 years give us some cash to help out with gas or something but we don’t make a habit of that. I do a “GoFundMe” from time to time if I have a project that I would like to do like Christmas presents, etc that I can’t personally afford to do on my own.

If we have agencies that want cards, in other states that we can’t personally deliver too, I’ve started doing a “sponsor” project so that people pay the exact shipping and I promote them or their business- there is no “extra dollar here or there” for us to make a profit. All shipping receipts are them emailed to the sponsor.

So- in closing- there are several other groups out there helping to get cards to kids and they may be amazing people but they are not associated with C4K- we will NEVER charge kids or agencies for the cards we get donated to us. We are trying to get cards into the hands of kids who can’t afford to buy them or pay for shipping, etc.

If you have any thoughts, opinions or questions- the best way to reach us is a DM on our Facebook page…you are welcome to email but I’m not the best at getting back to emails in a timely manner so just throw me a message on the Commons4Kids Facebook and I’ll get with you. If you have followed us for long, you know we are very transparent in what we do and post all donations and post info on the agencies we donated too in case anyone wants to check in on us.

Thank you so much for supporting us over the last 7 years and we are getting closer and closer to that 10 million mark and it’s because of the #C4KFamily.


(Side Note- we do have a “relationship” with the great folks over at Signatures for Soldiers- they have a different mission than we do and have even donated a ton of cards to us- I can/will speak for them- they are amazing.)

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