OK guys…finally getting around to adding the 50,000 we took a couple weekends ago to Family and Children’s Place and Kids Cancer Alliance on May 10th!

This brings our total to 9,958,133!!!

I have been trying to slow down a bit to match up our 10 millionth donation with my big “event” on July 20th- the one year anniversary of my mom passing away and my first roller coaster- thanks to a lot of weight lost…however, that isn’t going to be able to happen.

We contacted Ronald McDonald House back on May 10th but they responded too late so we already set up two other donations so we put them on the list for our next donation- I plan to take them 41,866 cards sometime later this week…that will put us at 9,999,999.

Back in July 2018, I already had a 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr card ready to go as our 10 millionth card and then my mom passed away on July 20th, 2018- If you have read the story about that card on our official webpage- then you know the history.

C4K was, sort of, based on the childhood feelings I got from that card and my mom got one for me in 1989 and my specific card has a long history and is now framed in my house- dirty, bent, creased and priceless.

My mom was really sick for a long time but when we hit our first million- she made it a point to go with us to deliver it- oxygen tank and all and she got to see the kids faces light up (Sunrise Children’s Home)- not because we gave them trading cards but because we knew they existed.

It’s not about trading cards- it’s about the kids.

However, on July 20th, 2018- I felt like it was about my mom. That 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr card that would have been number 10 million was buried in the casket with her.

Later this week, I’m going to drop off the cards to Ronald McDonald House in Lexington Kentucky and that will, technically, put us at 10 million trading cards donated to kids (1 being buried with my mom.)

This doesn’t count all of the comic books, figures, toys, Legos, Pop figures, stuffed animals, baseballs and everything else you guys have sent us over the 8 years or so.

I can NOT thank the #C4KFamily enough for getting us to this point- when I first started, the main goal was to donate 1 million trading cards and it only took about a year to do that…now, 8 years later, we are passing the 10 million mark with no end or even slowdown in sight.

I’m using this as a small PAUSE- hitting 9,999,999….then remembering my mom, my childhood, that card and what it means to me…and then working on hitting 10,000,001 and beyond.

Huge thanks to everyone who has ever donated or accepted a donation- to the folks that have bought cards (from my personal collection) to help me fund this thing for so long- all the charities that have worked with us, all the people that have liked, shared and followed us and supported this project for so long…10 million trading cards have reached the hands of kids thanks to YOU guys…the #C4KFamily!!

It doesn’t stop here- I have ton of Pokemon cards to hand out this summer, working on future donations and will hopefully set up at a huge comic-con thing in November and be able to do things we’ve never done before.

I guess…after this week/weekend…we’ll be counting down to 15 million!

Thanks again for everything!

C4K Update 04.08.2019

I plan to work on our “FAQs” section that has been “coming soon” for about a year and it will include the questions I get the most, along with some of our policies (which WILL include changes)- I’ll post the link to social media once I get it completed.

We are currently 166,867 cards away from hitting the #10Million mark and we have that in stock right now. We have enough cards setting in our garage to pass the 10 million mark but it’s getting harder and harder to find homes for them but I’m still trying and we will get there.

If I time everything right- I plan to hit that mark on July 20th.

If you follow me on SharkyHitchens then you know July 20th is a pretty big day for me- my mom passed away on that date last year so I’ve decided to start celebrating life on that day- from this point forward.

This year, July 20th is going to be a celebration at Kings Island and I’m going to ride my first roller coaster ever. I’m down 140 lbs and I hope to hit my overall goal of 200 lbs lost by that date as well.

July 20th, 2019 will be one year since my mom passed away, my first roller coaster ride, hopefully I’ll be 200 lbs smaller than I was, I plan to get a new tattoo and we’ll be donating our 10 millionth card.

That isn’t all factual though- I had a gorgeous- PERFECT- 1989 Upper Deck Griffey Jr Star Rookie- (which we donate as our “millionth” card every time we hit another one)- set aside to be the 10 millionth card but I no longer have it.

My mom (and that card) was a huge inspiration for Commons4Kids and the full story is on our website- she also greatly supported it and was there when we hit our first 1 million- oxygen tank and all.

The actual 10 millionth card was buried with her- while it didn’t go to a kid, I felt it needed to be that way. I thought of putting the “actual” card from my childhood- the dirty, creased, destroyed (and framed) one but I thought this a better way to do it. The actual card is framed in my C4K area and will be burned, with me, when I die.

On July 20th, 2019- we’ll donate the final cards that get us to 9,999,999 and the next donation will start us out at 10,000,001.

So- that is just a quick update of where we are and where we are going.

C4K Update 03.11.2019

Hey #C4Kfamily…remember me??? Fat guy, throws cardboard at un-expecting children??

I know..been awhile. The last time I updated our number as back on February 3rd and then we donated 50,000 to Crayons 2 Computers on February 16th but I didn’t update the number and then just sort of fell off the planet.

Well…in all honesty, I needed a break- been doing this almost 8 years now and I needed to focus on some stuff.

I’ve been updating my personal site- SharkysWorld.com tons- adding weight loss updates, recipes and whatever else I can think of. I hit 299 lbs back on March 2nd (total loss of 140.6 lbs) and then celebrated my 41st birthday on March 3rd by getting pretty sick and being “out” for about a week.

Recently I added a big section to SharkysWorld.com called “Sharketo 101”- it’s basically the blue print of how I lost the weight and how I plan to continue to lose the last 59 lbs and it’s a way to help those interested in losing weight and getting healthy.

I’ve also been focused on making YouTube videos, streaming video games on Wednesday night and growing my SharkyHitchens empire.

NOW though…it’s back to the real work- hitting that 10 million cards donated!!!

With the 50,000 from C2C added, we are at 9,708,133 trading cards donated to kids. This does NOT include all the comic books, toys, Legos, Starting Lineup, bats, jerseys or anything else…just trading cards.

I currently have about 100,000-150,000 boxed up and ready for new homes.

I am incorporating C4K into what I’m doing with other stuff more – including promoting it on YouTube and my Twitch streams and I’m trying to build something that changes the world for the better from donating trading cards to helping people get healthy to showing old folks like me that it’s never too late to make positive changes or enjoy doing what you love- even if you are really bad at it.

In closing- feel free to check out SharkysWorld.com and follow/like me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under SharkyHitchens.

I don’t plan to take anymore time off from C4K- plan to hit the ground running and getting everything I have ready donated and hitting that 10 million sometime this Spring/Summer.

Thanks or all the support on everything!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

Important Notice 01.11.2019

I didn’t want to write this but based on some emails/messages I’ve gotten, I feel I need to clear up some things.

I have been running C4K since 2012 and over the years, a few other groups have popped up doing the same thing or something similar.

The ONLY way to contact us is through our social media sites that are officially “Commons4Kids”- our website- Commons4Kids.org or through email- jerry@commons4kids.org.

I run everything MYSELF so that I can ensure 100% of the cards get to kids- there is no one else or any other group that represents C4K.

I mean no disrespect to anyone trying to get cards to kids as well, however, I’ve seen sites that ask for cards to be donated and then turn around and sell them…or sell mystery packs or something. We do not and will not sell ANY cards we received unless they are adult oriented (Playboy, etc.) and that money goes to buy more kid friendly cards.

We get autographs/jersey cards all the time and will never try to sell “hot packs” or anything like that to “cover shipping”- that isn’t how we work.

Not only do we not charge for ANY cards we donate, putting up packs for sale “to kids” allows collectors and adults tp buy those cards and doesn’t ensure they actually go to kids. We either donated cards directly to the kids or agencies that work with kids to ensure they get where we say they will go. We have had people try to buy the cards we feature on our site/social media and that will NEVER happen. Period.

If you find a site/person/group that is charging for “donated” cards- they are not affiliated with us. They may be great people and on the “up and up” but they are not associated with C4K- again, no disrespect, just some confusion out there with some folks doing what we are doing.

If we get a card with a value of $200…it will go to a kid- FREE of charge…no catches.

We have done this since 2012 and most of the material is bought out of my pocket, most of the gas or hotel room stays from delivering cards has come from my pocket. We have had a few people over the last 7 years give us some cash to help out with gas or something but we don’t make a habit of that. I do a “GoFundMe” from time to time if I have a project that I would like to do like Christmas presents, etc that I can’t personally afford to do on my own.

If we have agencies that want cards, in other states that we can’t personally deliver too, I’ve started doing a “sponsor” project so that people pay the exact shipping and I promote them or their business- there is no “extra dollar here or there” for us to make a profit. All shipping receipts are them emailed to the sponsor.

So- in closing- there are several other groups out there helping to get cards to kids and they may be amazing people but they are not associated with C4K- we will NEVER charge kids or agencies for the cards we get donated to us. We are trying to get cards into the hands of kids who can’t afford to buy them or pay for shipping, etc.

If you have any thoughts, opinions or questions- the best way to reach us is a DM on our Facebook page…you are welcome to email but I’m not the best at getting back to emails in a timely manner so just throw me a message on the Commons4Kids Facebook and I’ll get with you. If you have followed us for long, you know we are very transparent in what we do and post all donations and post info on the agencies we donated too in case anyone wants to check in on us.

Thank you so much for supporting us over the last 7 years and we are getting closer and closer to that 10 million mark and it’s because of the #C4KFamily.


(Side Note- we do have a “relationship” with the great folks over at Signatures for Soldiers- they have a different mission than we do and have even donated a ton of cards to us- I can/will speak for them- they are amazing.)

Why Does C4K Work?

We don’t pay for advertising, so all of our growth has come straight from the #C4KFamily- through word of mouth, sharing our social media and folks just talking about us…but how can that work so well for a guy asking you to send him free stuff?

There are tons of us folks in our 30s/40s that had a plan as a child- invest all of our allowance into trading cards and 3 decades later- sell them to be millionaires- very simple really. I mean, some Mickey Mantle cards from the 50’s were were thousands in the 80s/90s…so these 1987 Topps should be worth a ton around 2017.

Are you done laughing…no…OK…I’ll wait.

Done? OK good. Yea, we now know that the folks like Topps, Fleer and Donruss understood that kids thought that so they mass produced the crap out of them and now so many of us are left with cards that are literally worthless. Almost everything has a “worth” but most cards from the 80s and 90s have no worth- I mean- nothing.

Now, if you are a collector like me- those cards represent your childhood and hold value to you- sure, you can’t sell them but most of us don’t want to just trash them- just the thought is heart breaking.

While I talk about the 1989 Upper Deck Griffey Jr card are a lot of cards that still hit me right in the feels.

I was a huge Bobby Bonilla fan (and still am) back in 1989 and I can still remember pulling a fresh Bonilla DK from a Donruss pack or a Chris Sabo All Star Rookie from a pack of Topps. Let’s not even talk about that Dream Team set that Kmart had! My cousin and I would set for hours and make our own Dream Team for hours.

Wrong Dream Team but still a great Dream Team!

Wrong Dream Team but still a great Dream Team!


After going through almost 10 million cards over the last 8 years, I still pause when I see some of those cards and get that same feeling- they are amazing!

Now- add in all the “new” guys who buy cards in bulk and don’t want 100 of the same common card and with the ease of getting the exact card you want, there isn’t much of a market for bulk cards that no one wants. Then you throw in the awesome guys from the gaming community who don’t want 15 copies of an unplayable Pikachu.

Not only is there millions of cards out there that no one really wants- the companies keep making cards that no one really wants but people buy just to try their luck to get those few cards that everyone does want…and all that leaves millions of cards looking for homes and that is where we come in.

There are SO many kids out there that just don’t understand trading cards or just can’t afford them or kids that want to learn Magic or Pokemon but don’t really know where to start.

C4K works because I continue to buy cards to get a few I want and end up with hundreds that I don’t want…and then you multiple that by the thousands of others like me out there. C4K works because of the people that no longer collect but can’t just trash their childhood treasures. C4K works because of the amazing folks that send us NEW stuff and stuff that isn’t considered “common” in order to get the “cool stuff” to kids who may not be able to get it themselves.

C4K works because of the #C4KFamily…I mean, sure, I would have been doing this on my own and we would probably be at about 500,000 cards donated by me…but you folks stepped up and supported C4K and we are looking at hitting 10 million next year…

…I honestly can’t say it enough- this ALL works because of YOU guys. Every card, share, follow, like or just sharing us with someone else.

So, I try to say it a lot but a HUGE thanks to all of you for making all of this work.


89 Griffey Jr UD

**This was written back when I reached the 1 millionth card donated and it explains the meaning that the 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck Star Rookie has to me and why every “millionth” card we donated will ALWAYS be a copy of that card**


The One Millionth Card is a very special card to me; not just because of the milestone but because of the card itself. Once I started receiving donations, I realized that this project was going to be something big and I wanted to mark this huge milestone in a special way; and what better way than donating my favorite card.

Actually, we are donating TWO of them!

Our 999,999th and 1,000,000th will be two different versions of the same card, the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey, Jr. Rookie Card.

To anyone who has every collected trading cards they will recognize this as the card that truly changed the trading card industry; it is nothing short of a masterpiece. The card was #1 in the first set ever released by Upper Deck. The set changed how baseball cards were made and it contains my entire childhood, at least in memories.

Back in 1989, I was eleven years old and very heavy into the baseball collecting world and this card was impossible for me to pull out of a pack. The cards value was booked at $10 but to an eleven year old, growing up on welfare and living in the projects; that could have been $1,000.

My cousin pulled one from a pack and most of my friends had theirs in hard plastic cases, displaying them proudly but I just couldn’t get one and I hated it.

Griffey Jr. was a rookie and I couldn’t really watch him play unless it was in the All-Star game but there was something already iconic about that card; from his big cheesy smile, to the gold necklaces he was wearing. I have yet to find someone who can really describe that feeling when a collector looks at this card; actually the whole set still amazes me.

One night, my mom had gone to bingo and when she got home, I was already in bed. She came into my room and woke me up to give me a pack of 1989 Upper Decks that she had bought for me on the way, as a surprise. I grabbed them, but they had already been opened and I remember my mom telling me that she just couldn’t wait any longer, the suspense was killing her so she had already opened it to see if it held the one card I was dying to get and with a sad face, she stated that it didn’t.

I pulled the cards out to thumb through them because the entire set was amazing and there were still some amazing cards that could be found. As I thumbed through the cards, the 4th or 5th card down, I saw this iconic card. Ken Griffey, Jr. was standing there smiling at me and I doubt his big cheesy smile even came close to mine at that exact moment.

After all of the yelling and screaming of pure shock and amazement, my mom explained to me that she had stopped and bought the Griffey card for $10 and slide it into the pack as a surprise.

Life was perfect.

I quickly put the card in a plastic case and it became my most treasured possession.

I kept it showcased in my room and from time to time, my mom would take it with her to bingo as her good luck charm and I believe she even won once on I-24, which just happened to be his number at the time.

We were living in a two story house that had been renovated into two apartments, an upstairs and downstairs; we lived upstairs. Mom had headed down to the car but had forgotten her purse, so she yelled up for me to toss it down to her.

Unlike Griffey, she couldn’t catch anything thrown to her, so she missed her purse and it hit the sidewalk and, sadly, my treasured card within hit just right (or wrong in my case). The plastic case broke and the weight of the purse landed on the card and caused two creases, basically bending two of the corners back.

Now in the world of baseball cards; this card was basically worthless. I don’t remember, but I’m sure I cried because my childhood just got destroyed, or so to speak.

I’m not sure how old I was at the time, but I can tell you that Griffey had become a legend already and this card had a book value of around $100, so replacing it was never going to happen.

As time went on and I grew up to get a job and actually have some money in my pocket, I have come to purchase 5 of these cards. One I got at a mall, two I got from Craigslist, one I bought a whole entire set of 1989 Upper Decks just for a few cards and one I traded for.

The original card is hanging, in a frame, in my living room and two of my others are going to Commons 4 Kids to be donated on November 30th. The original card is priceless to me.

The 999,999th card is an actual graded 8 version of the card which I bought at the mall in Louisville, KY. There was a baseball guy set up in the middle of an isle and I couldn’t pass it up.

The 1,000,000th card is a perfect version of the card taken directly out of a sealed factory set that I bought from an Ebay consignment shop in Frankfort, KY. The card was removed and placed directly into a heavy, thick case and has only been touch once. I have no doubts that the card would graded at 9.5 to 10.

To me, this card is the reason I have put so much time, effort and money into this project. I can’t look at this specific card and not have most of my childhood flash through my mind and hopefully, at least one child that we have donated too, will find a card that we have given them and hold it as dear to them as I do with my card.

About Us


500 Forrest Drive
Lawrenceburg, KY 40342

We are a trading card charity that focuses on getting unwanted trading cards into the hands of kids- it’s that simple.

I started back in 2012 when I cleaned out my closest and had tons of unwanted commons; instead of trashing them I decided to donate them to a local charity. The charity contacted their local paper and told them about the donation and that article was picked up by the Associated Press and went nationwide- within weeks, my address was public and people were sending me cards.

I decided to just run with it in the hopes of one day donating 1 million cards but we quickly passed that mark within the first year.

We have donated millions of cards to kids in several states from Missouri to Pennsylvania; from Indiana down to Tennessee….even as west as Kansas!

The great people that sent us cards are considered a part of the #C4KFamily, with cards coming from over 45 states, Washington DC, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, United Kingdom and Italy.


We have worked with celebrities from Austin Kearns (former REDS All-Star) to Rik Smits (Former NBA legend) and Deltha O’Neal (Former NFL star.) We have worked with over 40 different charities such as Ronald McDonald House, Little Leagues, Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and children’s homes in multiple states.

While we haven’t stopped receiving cards since 2012, #C4KFamily members started sending us autographs, baseballs, baseball bats, comic books, Lego’s, video games and anything else you can think of that kids would enjoy- we’ve even received tons and tons of “adult” cards, which have been sold to purchase more kid friendly cards.

I ran a blog here for over 4 years….but recently that blog was hacked and forced me to move all of our updates to our social media sites on Facebook and Twitter.

While this was a set back, C4K will continue moving forward until the cards stop appearing on my porch.

I would like to thank EVERYONE who has ever donated, shared, promoted or helped us in anyway- this entire project belongs to you- the #C4KFamily.

If you have any questions, opinions, thoughts, ideas….or just wanted to chit chat, feel free to email me – Jerry@Commons4Kids.org!

Jerry W. Milburn, II
#C4KFamily Member


****We are NOT an official 501(c) charity****


500 Forrest Drive
Lawrenceburg, KY 40342

I am just a guy that started donating his cards, which lead to other people giving me their cards to donate. We don’t claim any tax breaks and we can NOT provide you with any type of tax documents. Your “donations” are simply gifts to me. I take those gifts, box them up and give them to kids- it’s that simple.

If you would like a tax donation for your cards, I suggest doing a Google search for “children’s homes” or “children’s charities” in your local area and contact them directly.

If you would like to send cards to us, please box them up in a Large Flat Rate Box from your local United States Postal Service and mail them to –


500 Forrest Drive
Lawrenceburg, KY 40342

When we receive any cards, we will post pictures and names/city/state on our social media and add you to our #C4KFamily- we will NOT post your address.

We accept ALL trading cards- including all sports and non-sports, gaming, adult, comic book, movie, TV show, music, etc. If the cards received are NOT kid friendly; they will be sold through our Ebay account or social media with 100% of the money going to purchase kid friendly cards.

We also accept the following –

Starting Lineup Figures
Comic Books
Pop Figures
Baseballs/Baseball Bats

Anything that a kid may enjoy, we are open to accepting as gifts.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please feel free to email me – Jerry@Commons4Kids.org