About Us

***We no longer accept sports trading cards- please see our “DONATE” page for more information***

We are a trading card charity that focuses on getting unwanted trading cards into the hands of kids- it’s that simple.

I started back in 2011 when I cleaned out my closest and had tons of unwanted commons; instead of trashing them I decided to donate them to a local charity. The charity contacted their local paper and told them about the donation and that article was picked up by the Associated Press and went nationwide- within weeks, my address was public and people were sending me cards.

I decided to just run with it in the hopes of one day donating 1 million cards but we quickly passed that mark within the first year.

We have donated millions of cards to kids in several states from Missouri to Pennsylvania; from Indiana down to Tennessee….even as west as Kansas!

The great people that sent us cards are considered a part of the #C4KFamily, with cards coming from over 45 states, Washington DC, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, United Kingdom and Italy.


We have worked with celebrities from Austin Kearns (former REDS All-Star) to Rik Smits (Former NBA legend) and Deltha O’Neal (Former NFL star.) We have worked with over 40 different charities such as Ronald McDonald House, Little Leagues, Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and children’s homes in multiple states.

While we haven’t stopped receiving cards since 2011, #C4KFamily members started sending us autographs, baseballs, baseball bats, comic books, Lego’s, video games and anything else you can think of that kids would enjoy- we’ve even received tons and tons of “adult” cards, which have been sold to purchase more kid friendly cards.

While this was a set back, C4K will continue moving forward until the cards stop appearing on my porch.

I would like to thank EVERYONE who has ever donated, shared, promoted or helped us in anyway- this entire project belongs to you- the #C4KFamily.

If you have any questions, opinions, thoughts, ideas….or just wanted to chit chat, feel free to email me – Jerry@Commons4Kids.org!

Jerry W. Milburn, II
#C4KFamily Member

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