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We’ve been doing this now for over almost 6 years and I’ve only tried to sell stuff a few times to raise money; we don’t ask for money so it’s really put a hit on our wallet…but I’m not complaining! I love doing it and it’s my way of making the world a better place.

With that said…I have created a section in my personal websites online store for some Commons4Kids merchandise- we won’t make much off of it but it’s a great way for us to raise a few bucks and you guys get some awesome stuff to represent the #C4KFamily!

I’ve also decided to accept gifts through PayPal- these aren’t donations because we aren’t an official 501 (c) charity…they are simply gifts to help keep us going. 100% of gifts received will go directly into C4K through buying newer cards, gas money, etc.

If you would like to buy stuff…click HERE!

If you would like to send us a gift to keep the project rolling, my PayPal is –

Thanks for all of your time over the past years and for keeping this thing going so long.

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