C4K Pros

59925_341634229282765_985825568_nNBA Legend Rik Smits donated several autograph cards, along with boxes of unopened packs of cards

delthaonealNFL Legend Deltha O’Neal donated 5 autograph cards, including a rookie!

DSCF6126Reds Great Joe Oliver signed 145 cards for us; which were sent by us and Jon Dailey!

dutchLegendary wrestler “Dirty” Dutch Mantell signed a couple cards for our WCCW donation.

brodiegreenReds Prospect Brodie Greene sent us 25 autographed cards(cards donated by Jon Dailey)

DSCF6284 (2)Reds Prospect Sean Buckley sent us 25 autographed cards!! (Cards donated by Jon Dailey)

nickrouttReds Prospect Nick Routt sent us 25 autographed cards!! (Cards donated by Jon Dailey)

225396_221273874677048_780964992_nHoney Boo Boo – Alana Thompson and her family helped us donate cards in her community.


olivia-blackCurrent Suicide Girl and former Pawn Stars star Olivia Black!

389103_393448574101330_343209944_nBilly Crank -aka The Son of Ernest. Billy has donated to us and starred in the first C4K commercial!

austinproFormer Reds star Austin Kearns came out to our 2014 Jason Ellis Memorial Donation and spent hours signing autographs and meeting the kids- he didn’t charge us anything. It’s nice when your cardboard heroes turn out to be really great people!

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