Mind Blowing Donation!

We greatly appreciate all donations but we have a few folks who go way beyond “common” cards and send us some mind blowing donations which allow us to give kids “hits” (which means autographs, low numbered, jersey, etc…the good stuff). Kids love getting trading cards but there is truly something special when a kid thinks he’s just getting a bunch of commons and then pulls an autograph…it’s pretty amazing.

Brian Duensing of Lowell, Indiana has again stepped up and blown our minds. I’ve been doing this for over 2 years now and we have gotten some amazing donations but I can never fully grasp when we get a donation like this.

I have contacted a race track in Junction City, Kentucky called Ponderose Speedway…(I went there as a kid) and hopefully we’ll be able to work with them in the near future to get these cards into the hands of kids who love racing and Nascar…because Brain loaded us up with some HUGE HITS!!!


First he hit us up with a ton of Pokemon cards


Then a ton of comic cards including 5 complete base sets of some DC Comic cards!


A huge stack of numbered cards, all the way down to #/5


A huge stack of autographed cards


These guys are NASCAR legends!!! Certified autographs


Tons of event used cards with shoes, firesuits, sheet metal….everything


More event used cards…they just kept coming!


Event used cards from other sports as well


These are multiple event used plus serial numbered….these cards are amazing!


Multi-colored sheet metal…..even one of Jeff Gordon!


A cut autographed number 2/5! That means there are only 5 of these in the world!






I threw some random pictures in there too….huge thanks to C4K Family member Brian Duensing for an amazing donation!

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