New Cards and Upcoming Donation!

I just confirmed a donation of about 65,000 cards to the Northern Kentucky Children’s Home up near Cincinnati; my contact said they were extremely excited- we’ll drop them off Monday.

It’s slowed down around here but we are still getting cards…got some AMAZING stuff over the last two weeks!

Lois Syrek from Belvidere, New Jersey sent more cards!

DSCF2980 DSCF2981 DSCF2982 DSCF2986

Sue Joyce from S. Windsor, Connecticut in remembrance of her late father Paul Botticello -along with the cards below, she sent in several boxes of unopened packs along with tons and tons of unopened hanger packs from 87-88!

DSCF2988 DSCF2989

Nico Tombras from New Haven, Conneticut

DSCF2991 DSCF2992

Thomas Patch – Pembroke Pines, Florida

DSCF2994 DSCF2996

Huge thanks to everyone!!! #C4KFamily is going strong!!

Still Here!

We are still here….I’ll be honest; we got really lot on inventory so I took that chance to take a break and get some stuff in order; I’m a big guy and I’m trying to lose weight, so I used the down time to get my food and exercise in order and just take some time away from cards. I’ve been doing this for almost 4 years and I don’t want to get to a point where I hate cardboard.

I took about three weeks off and during that time, we got some amazing stuff and our inventory is quickly building back up. We are looking into a trip to Cincinnati around the first of October and I should have a ton of spots to drop off cards.

If you have emailed me over the last week or so; I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

Thanks for all the support over the last 4 years; thanks to the break, I feel rested and getting back in gear!

Here is the amazing stuff we got over the past couple of weeks!

Alex Bujak from Levittown, Pennsylvania

DSCF2940 DSCF2941 DSCF2942 DSCF2943 DSCF2944 DSCF2945 DSCF2946

Sue Joyce from S. Windsor, Connecticut in remembrance of her late father Paul Botticello

DSCF2948 DSCF2950 DSCF2951 DSCF2952

Terrence Fong – San Francisco, California


Rosalyn Tran – La Crescenta, California

DSCF2956 DSCF2957

Gerald Curren – Alexandria, Virginia

DSCF2959 DSCF2960

Eric Burstedt – Danville, California


This little note was greatly appreciated and the $10 will go towards new cards from Wal-Mart for donation.

This little note was greatly appreciated and the $10 will go towards new cards from Wal-Mart for donation.

Jeremy Berry – Patoka, Illinois

DSCF2965 DSCF2966

Tim Virgilio – Pooler, Georgia – Owner of Signatures 4 Soldiers!

DSCF2968 DSCF2969 DSCF2970 DSCF2971 DSCF2972 DSCF2973 DSCF2974

David Worth – Glencoe, Illinois

DSCF2976 DSCF2977

Huge thanks to everyone!!!

Back In Business!

There was a couple days when we had almost no inventory but, thanks to the #C4KFamily, that didn’t last very long…we are already back up to about 30,000 cards ready to go!!

Huge thanks to everyone that has donated…you guys keep us going strong!

Jason Albregts – Double Play Sports Cards – Elsberry, Missouri

DSCF2888 DSCF2890 DSCF2892

Chris Loh – Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada


Thomas Patch – Pembroke Pines, Florida

DSCF2918 DSCF2919

Aaron Curran – St. Louis, Missouri

DSCF2921 DSCF2922 DSCF2924

Mike Hurley – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

DSCF2926 DSCF2928 DSCF2929

Dave Scordato – Fanwood, New Jersey


Chris Rollins – Grand Junction, Colorado

DSCF2934 DSCF2935 DSCF2936 DSCF2938

Thanks again everyone!!

New Number

Last week I dropped off a donation of 30,000 cards for the Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign – these cards will be sold with 100% of the money going to several charities in Kentucky to benefit kids. While we try to donate all of our trading cards to kids, sometimes kids need a little more than little squares of cardboard.

Next up, we had AN AMAZING day with the Lexington Legends! My huge self gave an interview out on the field and then they stuffed me in the press box and I did an interview on ESPN Radio- the folks were beyond amazing! The Lexington Legends folks were super nice, caring and really love their fans and the kids really enjoyed the cards- we donated a total of 500 packs x 15 cards plus 15 sets of 100 on top of 100 memorabilia cards and 50 autographs for a grand total of 9,150!

Our new total cards donated is – 5,346,573!!!

DSCF2893 DSCF2894 DSCF2895 DSCF2897 DSCF2898 DSCF2899 DSCF2900 DSCF2902 DSCF2909 DSCF2910