We had to put off a donation due to an issue with the tires on our van, but that has been taken care off so that donation will happen this Saturday.

I’m currently working with 5 places to donate cards in the next couple of weeks, hoping to unload about 125,000 cards! Keep checking out the site and as the donations get confirmed, we’ll post them here.

This week was a great as far as donations…lets dive into it.

First up was a great donation from Bryan Schrembs from Leesburg, Virginia.

DSCF0276 DSCF0278 DSCF0279

We met up with a nice young lady in Louisville, KY this weekend while at the KY State Fair- she doesn’t want to be named, just that she is a huge sports fan. She donated us our first “programs” and there were some awesome stuff in this donation!

DSCF0280 DSCF0281 DSCF0282 DSCF0283 DSCF0285 DSCF0286 DSCF0287 DSCF0288 DSCF0289 DSCF0290 DSCF0291

Next up was a donation from Mason Wilbanks from Fleming Island, Florida!


Then we got some great non-sports cards from Darin Heitzer from West Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Garfiled, Garbage Pail Kids and Super Mario!


We got some amazing stuff from Ryan Blake from Flowery Branch, Georgia and Brandon Johnson from Bird Island, Minnesota.

DSCF0301 DSCF0302 DSCF0303 DSCF0304

And finally we got a donation of tons of sets and unopened boxes from Jeanne St. Hilaire of Tyngsboro, Massachusetts in memory of her sister Susan R. Astle. There were several sets and 8 or so unopened boxes of packs and tons of mini sets! Some amazing stuff!

DSCF0305 DSCF0306

Huge thanks to everyone for all of the amazing donations and welcome to the #C4KFamily!

Cards Keep Coming!

It’s been another busy week here at C4K.

I’m working on something that will be a donation of about 100,000 cards in the next few weeks plus I’m still working on the 100,000 #C4KHalloween donation; bagging 1,000 baggies takes a long time :) I’m also working with a few other people that will hopefully lead to donation opportunities in the future.

Other than that, you guys are keeping the cards coming and I can’t thank you enough!

First up is another amazing donation from Gregory Mills from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! Mr. Mills has already sent tons of autograph and jersey cards as well as 1,000′s of 2014 cards and this week he sent several more boxes in and truly loaded it up with awesomeness! I would estimate over 100 auto/jersey cards and 10,000-15,000 cards- all new 2014 stuff like Bowman, Bowman Chrome, Allen and Ginter!

DSCF0192 DSCF0193 DSCF0194 DSCF0195 DSCF0197 DSCF0198 DSCF0199 DSCF0200 DSCF0201 DSCF0202 DSCF0204 DSCF0205 DSCF0206 DSCF0207 DSCF0208 DSCF0209 DSCF0210

Next up was some great stuff from Robert Ewing from Fullerton, California including a ton of unopened packs!

DSCF0189 DSCF0212

Then we got a ton of awesome cards from Angelo Mazzola from Stratford, Connecticut!

DSCF0214 DSCF0215 DSCF0216 DSCF0217 DSCF0218

Then we got even MORE boxes of great stuff from Clifford Dilling of Camarillo, California loaded with stars and Hall of Famers!

DSCF0220 DSCF0221 DSCF0222 DSCF0223 DSCF0224 DSCF0225 DSCF0226

And finally we got cards from “Neyer” from Portland, Oregon!


Huge thanks to everyone and welcome to the #C4KFamily and thanks for the support and keeping us going strong.

Great Week!

It’s been an amazing week as far as donations!

First up is an amazing donation from Gregory Mills from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the awesomeness!

DSCF0128 DSCF0130 DSCF0132

This will be a favorite here in Kentucky!

This will be a favorite here in Kentucky!

DSCF0135 DSCF0137 DSCF0138 DSCF0139 DSCF0142

All the colors of the rainbow!

All the colors of the rainbow!


The stars of tomorrow!

The stars of tomorrow!

DSCF0146 DSCF0148 DSCF0149 DSCF0150 DSCF0151 DSCF0153 DSCF0154

Next up is another donation from our buddy Cheryl and Scott Cornelius sent more cards!

DSCF0156 DSCF0157 DSCF0159

You always have to BO-lieve!!!

You always have to BO-lieve!!!

Then we got a great donation from Kirk Wipff from Salem, Oregan (Mr. Wipff also donated $100 to help fund us!)

DSCF0163 DSCF0164 DSCF0165 DSCF0166 DSCF0167 DSCF0168

We got some great non-sports cards from Ryan Seelau from Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

DSCF0170 DSCF0171 DSCF0172 DSCF0173 DSCF0174 DSCF0175 DSCF0177 DSCF0178 DSCF0179

And finally we got a nice little assortment of all kinds of cool stuff from Jeffrey Viaud from Memphis, Tennessee!

DSCF0182 DSCF0183 DSCF0185 DSCF0187

Huge thanks to everyone and welcome to the #C4KFamily! You guys always amaze me with the incredible donations! These will all be going to our #C4KHalloween donation, which is going to be EPIC!!!

Donation Update

Couple of great donations so far this week!

First donation is from Steve Wolfe of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania!


Then we got tons more vintage from Daniel Battaglia from Phoenix, Arizona!


Thanks for the support guys!!!