Sketch Cards

I’m a big fan of sketch cards- the 1/1 original types and a co-workers daughter is an artist so she hooked me up with a couple cards….two of my favorite comic book characters!!! Deadpool and Harley Quinn!!


Check her out at FAL Art Studio!! She is open to taking orders for custom sketch cards so get yours NOW!!!

Here are my sketch cards!!


She actually did the backs of the cards as well, so they are both fully painted on front and back.

Downtown Lawrenceburg KY

The folks over at the Downtown Lawrenceburg, KY came by the house and did a really amazing article/video about us- I was very happy with the results!! Check it out here – DowntownLawrenceburgKY!!!


Huge Couple of Weeks!

It’s been a super busy couple of weeks, sorry for the lack of updates but I have limited time to update the site.

Today we dropped off 67,000 cards to Jerry Davis of Taylosville, KY who is going to spread the cards out to the Spencer Couty Sheriffs Department and the Taylorsville Trick or Treat event in October!

On Tuesday, we’ll be taking 50,000 cards to Emma B. Ward; the cards will be used as rewards and prizes in their Fall Festival or other ways through the school.

We also did a special donation to a single kid through the mail-


The new grand total of cards donated is – 5,307,423 cards!!!

We are quickly headed towards another million! Not only did we drop off a ton of cards, the cards kept coming through the mail and we even picked up a few in Louisville!

Thanks for all the donations to everyone and welcome to the #C4KFamily!!!

Mr. Dewitt – Indianapolis, Indiana

DSCF2848 DSCF2849

Thomas Patch – Pembroke Pines, Florida

DSCF2851 DSCF2852

Bryan McCarter – Glen Allen, Virginia

DSCF2855 DSCF2856 DSCF2857 DSCF2859

No Name – Maxwelton, West Virigina


Timothy Hardin – Livonia, Michigan


Khal Vu – Garden Grove, California

DSCF2865 DSCF2866

Mike Dietzsch – Bloomingdale, New Jersey

DSCF2868 DSCF2869 DSCF2870

Dusty Owens – Paducah, Kentucky

DSCF2871 DSCF2872 DSCF2874 DSCF2878 DSCF2879 DSCF2881 DSCF2882

Ben Hogan – New York, New York

DSCF2884 DSCF2891 DSCF2892

I also bought a box of cards to add to the mix-

DSCF2885 DSCF2886

We also got a box from Jon Deleon from Loma Linda, California which is still waiting to be sorted.

New Donations!

Huge thanks to all the new #C4KFamily members this week!

Larry Drappi – Tinton Falls, New Jersey


Christopher Nyberg – Fairfax, Virginia


Michael Hurley – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Greig – Willoughby, Ohio


Adam Lenck – Mims, Florida

This card were sold in order to buy more kid friendly cards...but we DO welcome these type of donations.

This card were sold in order to buy more kid friendly cards…but we DO welcome these type of donations.

DSCF2825 DSCF2827 DSCF2829 DSCF2831

Thomas Patch – Pembrokes Pines, Florida


Bob D’Angelo – Riverview, Florida

DSCF2836 DSCF2837 DSCF2839 DSCF2840

Joel Ayon – Los Angeles, California

DSCF2842 DSCF2844

We got a box from Frank Konczakowski – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and another box from P. Persico – Lawrence, Massachusetts!

Thanks for all the amazing stuff!!!