Donation Update

Couple of great donations so far this week!

First donation is from Steve Wolfe of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania!


Then we got tons more vintage from Daniel Battaglia from Phoenix, Arizona!


Thanks for the support guys!!!



I am a Cincinnati Reds fan and have been since the early 1990’s when I saw my first live MLB game.

We have had some awesome players and we have had some crappy players- we have had some decent teams and we have had some really terrible teams, but you always stand by your team – win or lose.
I am a Ken Griffey, Jr fan (for obvious reasons), I’ve been an Austin Kearns fan since day one because he grew up about 30 minutes from me and I’m an even bigger Kearns fan since he actually worked with us in the past and I am a Jay Bruce fan and have been since day one.
There is nothing better than being in Great American Ballpark and hearing the fans chant “Bruuuuuuuuuuuce”! It’s truly amazing.
While this post doesn’t have much to do with trading cards, I just really wanted to get something off of my chest because I’m embarrassed to be a Cincinnati Reds fan and it’s the first time I can honestly say that.


We all know that Bruce has been having a rough year but it’s sad how quickly the “fans” turn on players as soon as they go into a slump. I’ve seen so called fans bad mouthing him (and the team in general), which is something you don’t do when you are a fan. Sure, talk about his stats but remember the guy is a person…not just some character.
The straw came yesterday when the Cincinnati Reds posted their lineup, they stated – “Jay Bruce to the bereavement list…”
This means that Bruce had a close family member pass away and there is a good chance that this family member has been sick for a while, so Bruce has been playing with a lot of stress. The comments I read under that post not only made me lose faith in Reds fans but in humanity in general.
These guys are real people with real problems- sure they are superstars with tons of money but that doesn’t keep death away, that doesn’t keep real live problems from hitting them. All the money in the world can’t keep a loved one safe.
I’ve always enjoyed being a Reds fan and I truly thought we had more class, more respect and more awesomeness than that.
Honestly, if I were Jay Bruce, I would be done with Cincinnati. I would ask to be traded and come back next year stress free and back to the old Bruce. It’s shameful the way a large majority of Reds fans have treated this guy and, if you are one of those people, instead of claiming to be a Reds fan, just claim to be an asshole.

Special Donation!

It’s always great to get these types of stories- the #C4KFamily helped motivate Mr. Greg Bruce to donate some cards himself!! Huge thanks to Mr. Bruce and while we won’t be adding your cards to “our” total, we will be adding you to the #C4KFamily for stepping up and getting cards to kids, which is our main mission!

“This is the one pic of the cards I donated. I ended up donating about 8,000 cards. Mostly baseball, but also some football, basketball and hockey. What I did was use the team bags I found at my LCS and put on average 20 cards in each pack, it ended up making right at 400 packs for the boys and my local club for boys to open. Thanks for being such a great motivator for people to give back to the hobby community. It’s really fun to see you guys do great things. Keep up the great work!
Greg Bruce”

Edward “Amazing” Chin

There are a couple of folks who continue to send us donations and they continue to be mind blowing. For an example, CLICK HERE to see some of Mr. Chin’s amazing donations from the past!

Mr. Chin did NOT let us down…..again. Here are some of the amazing stuff he sent our way.

(*NOTE- the pop up Star Wars book is amazing and will be a great prize for something in the future, don’t go crazy and start loading us up with books…..take those to your local library! However, if you have something cool like this Star Wars book, we would love to have it. I just know that you guys are really giving and I could see boxes and boxes of books coming in and we don’t want that. Comic books are welcome.)

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7 Complete Sets!

7 Complete Sets!

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