Unique Week

This week was really interesting….we got several great “notes” thrown into the donations and they are GREATLY appreciated!!! I can’t express how honored we are that you guys support C4K……this project is NOTHING without the #C4KFamily!!!

Morgan Imhoff – Mukwonago, Wisconsin

DSCF3511 DSCF3513

TSgt Matthew Baker – Vacaville, California

DSCF3554 DSCF3555 DSCF3556 DSCF3558 DSCF3524 DSCF3523 DSCF3521 DSCF3519 DSCF3517 DSCF3516 DSCF3515

Tim Anderson – Chicago, Illinois

DSCF3526 DSCF3528 DSCF3529 DSCF3530

Khai Vu – Garden Grove, California

DSCF3532 DSCF3533 DSCF3534 DSCF3535 DSCF3536 DSCF3537 DSCF3538 DSCF3539

Mike McMannis – Elkhart, Indiana

DSCF3541 DSCF3542 DSCF3543

Landon Hochstetler – South Bend, Indiana

DSCF3549 DSCF3551

Blake Ulmer – Clinton, Massachusetts


Tom Shanley – Thompson, Connecticut


DSCF3573 DSCF3574 DSCF3575

We picked up tons of cards from Nik Guse’ – Danville, Kentucky

DSCF3560 DSCF3561 DSCF3565 DSCF3568

We also got boxes from the following-

Ryan M. Burns – Oviedo, Florida
A. Breiter – Excelsior, Minnesota
Allen King – Sacramento, California

Huge thanks to all the #C4KFamily members…you guys are amazing!!!

New Number!

On January 30th, we dropped off 50,000 cards to Sunrise Children’s Services in Lexington, Kentucky.

Today, we dropped off 35,000 cards to the YMCA in Louisville, Kentucky to use for their after school and summer camp programs. We also dropped another 35,000 cards to the Home of the Innocents- a great charity that we’ve worked with several times over the last few years.

Our new total of cards donated is – 5,756,573!!!!

6 million is just around the corner….I can fill it!!


Awesome New Cards

We got a ton of awesome cards over the last week or so! Huge thanks to everyone who donated!

Lance Parker – Albertville, Alabama

DSCF3486 DSCF3487

Landon Hochstetler – South Bend, Indiana

DSCF3489 DSCF3490

Timothy Harding – Livonia, Michigan


Dustin Delzell – Los Gatos, California

DSCF3495 DSCF3496

Stuart Eichert – Mountain View, California

DSCF3498 DSCF3499 DSCF3500 DSCF3501 DSCF3502 DSCF3503 DSCF3504

Cheryl and Dale Cornelius – Columbus, Ohio

DSCF3507 DSCF3508 DSCF3509

100,000 Saturday

Last Saturday, we hit Mt. Sterling and Lexington, Kentucky and dropped off 100,000 cards to three amazing charities!

These donations brings our total of cards donated up to – 5,636,573!

12576206_10154216295310995_1464709779_n 12584095_10154216295575995_968621137_n 12606830_10154216295370995_300987854_n 12607006_10154216295400995_1751142827_n 12626020_10154216295350995_1658747311_n