Most Valuable Kids!

We headed to Cincinnati on Saturday and dropped off 115,000 cards to the great folks at Most Valuable Kid!

1016620_820783887973304_6649980194927758479_nThey have been added to our charity page. check them out at – MVK – Cincinnati!

This brings our total cards donated to 4,194,435!

More Awesome Cards!

It’s been a busy week or so, got some great stuff!

First up we got some great stuff from Marie Pecora from Valley Cottage, New York. Ms. Pecora runs a great blog called A Cardboard Problem….head over and check out her stuff!

DSCF1440 DSCF1441 DSCF1443 DSCF1444 DSCF1446 DSCF1447 DSCF1448 DSCF1449 DSCF1450 DSCF1451 DSCF1452 DSCF1454 DSCF1455 DSCF1456

Our buddy Greig sent even more cards from Willoughby, Ohio!


Willie and Misty Hammack from Brandon, Missouri sent some great stuff.

DSCF1461 DSCF1462 DSCF1463

We got some cards with just the name of “Ellenson” from Monroe, Wisconsin!


Ted Leeson from Easton, Maryland sent some cool stuff.

DSCF1529 DSCF1530

Timothy Sill from Tacoma, Washington saw our AD on the Trading Card Database site and sent us a bunch of stuff!

DSCF1532 DSCF1538 DSCF1539 DSCF1540

We got some stuff from the Spear Family from Ninety Six, South Carolina!


John Bollinger from West Palm Beach, Florida sent more cards in.

DSCF1544 DSCF1546

The folks over at Double Play Sports Cards from Elsberry, Missouri sent some awesome stuff!

DSCF1550 DSCF1552 DSCF1553

And finally, long time #C4KFamily member Edward Chin from Brooklyn, New York sent another box of amazing stuff!

DSCF1555 DSCF1556 DSCF1557 DSCF1559 DSCF1560 DSCF1561 DSCF1562 DSCF1564 DSCF1565 DSCF1567 DSCF1568 DSCF1569 DSCF1571

Thanks for being a part of the #C4KFamily!


Great Donations!

Got some great stuff over the last week or so!

First, a HUGE thanks to Upper Deck for sending us a huge box stuff with cards! They are the first card manufacture that has reached out to us…and it only took donating 4 million trading cards and three years to get noticed! We are very proud to add Upper Deck to the #C4KFamily!!!

DSCF1384 DSCF1385 DSCF1386 DSCF1387 DSCF1389 DSCF1390*I do want to add a note that the boxes that were sent were not sealed; they were already opened with the hits removed. We don’t open packs that get sent to us or remove the hits; I just wanted the #C4KFamily to be clear on that.

Next up, some awesome cards from someone who didn’t want their name to be announced but they sent about 16 boxes of amazing stuff all teh way from New Jersey!

DSCF1361 DSCF1362 DSCF1363 DSCF1364 DSCF1365 DSCF1366 DSCF1367

We got some cool stuff from Jeffrey Viaud from Cordova, Tennessee!

DSCF1370 DSCF1371 DSCF1372 DSCF1373 DSCF1374 DSCF1375

We got some awesome vintage and a couple of Roberto Alomar autographs from C.A. Cordero from Amus, Iowa!

DSCF1377 DSCF1378 DSCF1379

We got yet another box from our buddy Greig from Willbourghby, Ohio!


And to offset all the sports cards, we got some amazing non-sports trading cards from Lois Syrek from Belvidere, New Jersey with our first actual SPONGE card, a couple memorabilia cards from Elvis and several 1/1 sketch cards!

DSCF1393 DSCF1394 DSCF1395 DSCF1396 DSCF1397 DSCF1399 DSCF1400 DSCF1401 DSCF1403

Got a ton of comic book cards from Greg Chandler from Cape Girardeau, Missouri!


And finally we had a guy from Richmond, Kentucky who had been trying to get with us for well over a year to get cards to us! He never gave up and we finally figured out a way to get them….he sent a huge box stuffed with cards with a friend and we finally got them in Lexington. Huge thanks to Aravind Somasundaram and thanks for not giving up on us!

On To 5 Million!

The donation on Saturday went smooth; we passed 4 million cards donated in just over 3 years which is well over 1 million cards PER year and we are already focusing in on 5 million!

Our new number of trading cards donated is -


Huge thanks to #C4KFamily and to celebrated, I created a bunch of memes!

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