Big Stuff!

A bunch of stuff to update.

First – we took 100,000 cards to St. Joseph Children’s Home. This was a 2nd donation over the last 3 years to these great folks. The cards will be going to a ton of awesome kids! This brings our new total of cards donated to 4,409,435!

Second – we picked up a couple of amazing donations and got several through the mail this week and added a couple of card shops to the #C4KFamily!

Huge thanks to the folks at Double J Gaming Emporium- they bought a bunch of not so kid friendly cards so we could use the cash to buy more kid friendly cards PLUS they gave us a box of sports cards on top of all of that. They are some great folks and they have a great place for gaming- check them out!!! Check out their site HERE!


Last weekend, we met up with the great folks from Heroes & Legends in Nashville, TN and the donated a VAN full of cards- I would estimate about 125,000 plus. After sorting them, there was well over 5,000 non-common cards from Frank Thomas rookies to Mark McGwire rookies, tons of rookies, inserts and just all around amazing stuff! They also deal with wrestling figures and tons of other stuff, check them out HERE!


Last weekend we also met Michael Cathro from Evansville, IN who brought us about 50,000 cards which was loaded with Magic, Pokemon and tons and tons of amazing cards from Nomar to Jeter to Pujols! Amazing donation loaded with tons of incredible cards.

On top of these great donations, we also got cards through the mail from the following awesome folks -

Jane and John Angelini – Pittsburgh, PA
Mike Hurley – Harrisburg, PA
Short – Washington, DC
Kayla – Colorado Springs, CO

Huge thanks to everyone and welcome to the #C4KFamily! We are quickly headed towards 5 million cards donated!!!

Big Update

It’s been a crazy week!

First – we donated 115,000 cards to the great people at Home of the Innocents! We were going to take cards to St. Joseph Children’s Home as well, however, due to weather issues we had to cut the trip short. We will be getting back to Louisville in the next few weeks though to deliver those cards.

Our new total is – 4,309,435!!!!

Second – we have gotten a hug amount of cards this week- we personally picked up two huge donations (about 175,000 cards!) and we’ll post about those later this week once we get them sort and figure out what all is there.

Finally, on top of the donations we picked up, we have steadily gotten boxes of cards just about every single day. We’ve been doing this over 3 years, donated over 4.3 million cards and it only seems to be getting bigger and bigger…no slowing down in site!

Let’s get to some of the awesome stuff we got this week!

Long time #C4KFamily members Lois and Greg Syrek from Belvidere, New Jersey sent yet another donation!DSCF1601 DSCF1597 DSCF1596 DSCF1595 DSCF1594 DSCF1588 DSCF1590 DSCF1591 DSCF1592 DSCF1593Kevin Bloss from Athens, PennsylvaniaDSCF1603 DSCF1604DSCF1628 DSCF1629 DSCF1630 DSCF1631 DSCF1632 DSCF1633Frank Ponzio from Nashville, TennesseeDSCF1606 DSCF1607John Provenzano from Old Bridge, New JerseyDSCF1610Unknown – Hattisborg, Mississippi (if this is you, please email so we can get your named added.)DSCF1612James Frith from Fairdale, KentuckyDSCF1614Jenna York from Indianapolis, IndianDSCF1617 DSCF1618Anne Kellerman from Denver, ColoradoDSCF1620Jessica (can’t read last name – please email so we can get it listed) from Chesterfield, VirginiaDSCF1623 DSCF1624 DSCF1625 DSCF1626

We also just got a box from Kevin Brenner from Shewsbury, Maryland that I haven’t gotten to yetHuge thanks for all the support and welcome to the #C4KFamily

Great Feedback

We always love getting feedback and learning how the charities are going to get the cards to the kids….here are a few!

From Most Valuable Kids Cincinnati -

Special thanks to Commons 4 Kids for donating 115,000 baseball cards to MVK! These cards will be used as awesome rewards to use at events and to add to our ticket packages for the kids! Jerry went out of his way to deliver the cards to us while on a visit to Cincinnati! What an impressive family!

We also got this letter in the mail from the great folks at Pass It On Kentucky! -


New Stuff!

There was a small issue this week; all the stuff that got opened accidentally got put together so we’ll have to do a bulk shout out!

We also received our 250th comic book!!!

Huge thanks the following folks for donating-

Edward Chin – Brooklyn, New York
Jon Van Rees – Vancouver, Washington
John Thielen – Sacramento, California
Joe Svetecz – Allentown, Pennsylvania

Welcome to the #C4KFamily and thanks to the long time members for still donating!DSCF1575 DSCF1577 DSCF1579 DSCF1580 DSCF1582 DSCF1583 DSCF1584 DSCF1586